What's a CootieGuard?

CootieGuards provide your child total protection from public toilet seats with a sanitary barrier that guards against wetness and germs while protecting from lower surfaces where children touch. Use CootieGuards to help reduce the stress of potty training, provide support and prevent smaller children from falling through. They're easy to use, disposable and your hands never have to touch toilet surfaces. Take along CootieGuards in your purse, pocket or backpack. Great for traveling, those trips to the mall or out to a restaurant. Perfect for the family on the go.

  • Total protection from toilet seats
  • Disposable convenience that leaves germs behind
  • Great for potty training
  • Makes trips to restrooms a breeze


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1 Resealable 4-pack $4.95

12 Resealable 4-packs $49.50





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How do I use a CootieGuard?